(with apologies to Leonard Cohen)

They were through-yah

Well my boots were great for the first long walk but at K-sixteen hundred they started to baulk – their soles were spent and their uppers had worn through-yah. But it wasn’t until the beachy strolls that the sand poured in the myriad holes and the bell that tolled was their final Halleluia. They were through-yah. What a poo-yah! What the do now? No Halleluia.

The Swami had some hiking shoes. They’d seen a few K’s but were still good to use. When he offered them to me, all I could say was “Boo-yah!” He got my old thongs – not quite a fair swap – but they really weren’t bad for a humble flip-flop, and I jumped up with a gleeful Halleluia. No more boots, nah. Got some shoes-yah. We’ll go thru-now, Halleluia!

How I rue ya

It’s Pemberton now and I’m back on the track and hooning to Warren – the first south-bound shack. I’m walking so fast I think I almost flew there. But the next day out it all goes wrong, they rub and they pinch, they are miles too long. It’s a blistered, cursing, groaning Halleluia. Stupid shoe-yah, how I rue-yah, if I’d knew-yah, would I choose yah?

But that night in a dream, said Swami to me “Get on with it

With a brazen Halleluia

girl, or a namby you’ll be. It’s just a few blisters, really what’s the hoo-har?” So I hobbled along for the next seven days in a Fixomull-Compeedy-Betadine haze, while those damn shoes broken in with a brazen Halleluia! Halleluia, halleluia, halleluia, halleluia…


About Lucy

I am a pilgrim, singer, artist, writer, researcher... I like trees, people, reading, swimming, flowers and the sky.
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4 Responses to Halleluia

  1. Hayat says:

    Dear Lucy!
    Thanks a lot for sharing all your experiences with us. It’s not only the experiences, but the thoughts that somehow move or touch me, just little situations or even pictures you tell about. And then your laugh which I can hear from time to time. Am I right that all the places you are visiting are in Australia? I must admit that I was a little bit confused when reading about Albany and Denmark. As I am European….
    My Dear, can you tell me to which adress I have to send my Christmas snail mail?
    Lots of hugs and kisses

    • Lucy says:

      Hello dear Hayat! It makes me SO happy to know that you are following my journey – and yes, all the places I’m going to are in Western Australia! I arrived in Albany today, having walked a little over 1100km in the past couple of months. I’m feeling happy, proud, blessed and connected. Love to you. My snail mail address is : PO Box 1130, Fremantle, WA 6959. xoxo

  2. Michael Done says:

    For love o’ feet, this pair o’ boots inspires some sweet poetic fruits
    (Though Lenny might have ‘arf a mind to do ya)
    So bless their soles an’ bless the muse who, pressin’ on in ‘oley shoes,
    Won’t settle for some ‘arf-baked “this’ll do ya”
    Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!

    Onya Lucy. You shine!
    Michael 🙂

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