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I am a pilgrim, singer, artist, writer, researcher... I like trees, people, reading, swimming, flowers and the sky.

The medicine of long-distance walking for the 21st century soul

Tracks and Trails conference October 9th, 2015, presentation by Lucy Ridsdale   Introduction Ngalla katitj Nyungar moort keyen kadak nidja moordich kwobbadak Boodjar We acknowledge Nyungar people as the traditional custodians of this beautiful country. Ngarn djerup djerup yennow nidja … Continue reading

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On Love, Homing and a 40-degree Christmas

So dear people, I’m home in South Fremantle now, and have been home for just over a week. In that week has been carols and Christmas, an art exhibition opening, feasting, over-feasting, singing, weeping, guerilla picnics on the median strip, … Continue reading

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In the end

*Soft smile, looks down. Looks at hands. Looks up. It’s quiet. She’s still smiling.* I’m not quite sure what to say, dear friends. It’s past the goosey bed-time and so thoughts are winding down. And here I am in Albany, … Continue reading

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(with apologies to Leonard Cohen) Well my boots were great for the first long walk but at K-sixteen hundred they started to baulk – their soles were spent and their uppers had worn through-yah. But it wasn’t until the beachy … Continue reading

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The world was made to be free in

It’s Monday. I’m on some friends’ beautiful organic farm just outside of Denmark, relishing the life of this place: fresh sourdough bread; flat-leaf parsley so sweet you could almost put it on your ice-cream; the laughter, conversation and hospitality of … Continue reading

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Wandering Walpole, wondering wonders

Hi everyone! I’m in Walpole now, on the Southern coast. A town close to my heart. I’m having a rest day today, a getting errands done day and an eating fresh food day (and yoghurt, coffee, fudge, cake, ice-cream and beer!). … Continue reading

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That’s what you look like!

Hello everyone! I’m in Northcliffe, back on the Bibby after my week’s “holiday” walking the Cape to Cape. I probably haven’t explained that properly. So for the non-western-Australians among you, there is a jutty-outy-bit of land that stretches into the … Continue reading

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